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ACL Essex Launches Wellbeing Courses During Mental Health Awareness Week

09 May ACL Essex Launches Wellbeing Courses During Mental Health Awareness Week

Adult learning provider, ACL Essex, is launching a range of free mental wellbeing courses as part of Mental Health Awareness Week (9-15 May).

Latest research has revealed that anxiety and depression has increased by 25%1 since the start of the pandemic and ACL Essex is keen to support all those in need across Essex.

The adult learning provider will be offering a series of two-session ‘quick fix’ courses which will focus on self-confidence, managing change in life and work, plus stress awareness. They’ll also provide a series of six-week courses to give residents a greater understanding of their mental wellbeing, which will cover self-care for resilience, as well as training on how to reduce stress and anxiety.

ACL Essex also offers a wide range of health and wellbeing courses, from yoga and mindfulness to self-hypnotherapy and pranayama breathing; all to help learners adopt a positive approach to wellbeing and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, learners can focus on their self-development by exploring a wide range of courses which look at relationships, plus a guide to healing minds and emotions, as well as an introduction to coaching. ACL also offers wellbeing support in the workplace and helps individuals find the best fit for their skills and passions into new career pathways.

Katherine Burns, ACL Essex’s Principal, is keen to encourage the people of Essex to improve their mental health. She says: “The pandemic has had an undeniable impact on people’s mental health and wellbeing. ACL Essex is here to empower people and help them gain the skills to thrive, not just in the workplace, or by getting the qualifications they desire, but with their mental wellbeing too.”

She continues: “Our courses offer a variety of options for those who want to improve their mental health, but aren’t sure where to begin. Whether you are struggling to manage the stresses of work or everyday life, keen to learn more about how to take care of your physical and mental wellbeing, we have a course for you. We want the people of Essex to know that ACL Essex is here to support them, and can provide a safe space to assist them on their journey to wellbeing.”

ACL Essex, part of Essex County Council, is the largest provider of adult education in the county. Its aim is to provide learners with as many ways to flourish as possible, to be there in communities across Essex, to make a difference to residents and businesses, so they can make a difference for themselves and to the places that they live in.

Learners enrolling onto a course which leads to a qualification may be entitled to financial support with course fees, resources such as textbooks or equipment, IT equipment (including access to Wi-Fi), transport costs and childcare. In addition, ACL Essex offers support to help learners start and stay in learning, if they have a recognised need, such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, mental health, anxiety, processing, sight and hearing difficulties, mobility, learning difficulties, ASD etc.

To be eligible for these courses you must reside or work within Essex. Closing date for enrolments is three working days prior to the start date.