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A little lift this Blue Monday… with FREE rides from Kapten

20 Jan A little lift this Blue Monday… with FREE rides from Kapten

On what can be a tough day for everyone as we plough through January, Kapten endeavours to get people where they really want to be by offering FREE rides for Londoners on the evening of Blue Monday. From 6pm to midnight, rides are available to both new and existing users for all journeys in the city, up to £10 per person. Simply download and/or open the Kapten app and use code FREELIFT for your free ride.

Check out that podcast you’ve been meaning to listen to, finish your book without someone reading over your shoulder, or catch up with a friend without the world and his wife eavesdropping. However you want to spend your time, Kapten are ready to offer a helping hand and hopefully alleviate even a small amount of stress on this notoriously gloomy day.

Mariusz Zabrocki, General Manager London of Kapten, comments “At Kapten, we care about our riders and drivers. Their safety and well-being is key. Life can be overwhelming at times and if one free ride home can reduce stress in any way, we’re pleased to make a positive impact on our community.”

Kapten is London’s second largest ride-hailing operator currently servicing over 1,100,000 riders across London with 20,000 drivers. The company, which launched in London in May 2019, has always taken into account its impact on riders, drivers, local communities and the environment.

Kapten works closely with regulators and governments to ensure social responsibility is at the forefront of its developments. What’s more, Kapten is the first ride-hailing app in London to offer an electric class option, and is also the first with a round-up and donate feature where riders can give spare change to charity. The app is quick and simple to use and has on average 20% lower prices than other ride-hailing platforms in London.

Kapten is available to download on the Google Play Store and the App Store.