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95% of East Anglia are retreat and repeat holidaymakers

13 Mar 95% of East Anglia are retreat and repeat holidaymakers

New research has revealed that much of East Anglia is jetting off to the same place for the same experience every year on holiday. On average, East Anglian’s have visited the same country 9 times, the same town/city 8 times and the same resort 6 times. The research conducted by online travel agent Travel Republic found that more than nine in ten (95%) East Anglian’s are repeat retreaters. In fact, for almost a quarter (22%) of East Anglian’s, nothing is new to them when they go on holiday.

Not only do we repeat holidays, we repeat our experiences once we get there. More than half of East Anglian’s have gone to the same beach (52%) while almost six in ten ate at the same restaurants (59%) and (48%) even stay at the same hotel.

Ironically, almost half of those surveyed said they holiday to see more of the world (48%). But the region are such creatures of habit that even though almost a quarter (24%) of East Anglia have planned to try somewhere new they have subsequently changed their minds and returned to what they know.

The main reason stated for repeat holidays was the need for familiarity, so holidaymakers feel comfortable (72%). On top of this, they noted they like feeling safe in the knowledge they will like the food and drink (57%), know they will like the culture (49%) and get a good deal (41%).