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60 Seconds with fashion designer Kim Tiziana Rottmüller

07 Sep 60 Seconds with fashion designer Kim Tiziana Rottmüller

by Matthew Martino

Next week we will see the international fashion crowd will descend on Britain’s Capital for London Fashion Week amongst them German fashion designer Kim Tiziana Rottmüller.

Kim attended a boarding school in Germany before moving abroad to Florence, Italy where she currently studies fashion design.
Her design signature lies in provocation through a feminine but also playful way combined with flashy and powerful textiles, which stress and complete the main idea of the concept that also provocation is beautiful, too, as well as the discovery of oneself through her design.

Her work is conceptual and authentic as she pays a lot of attention that everything is connected in a coherent way, supported with a surrealistic impact.

She was amongst a small selection of other designers in a video for Condé Nast (2:41) Mindful Luxury 2017, an opportunity offered by NJAL. After her first year in 2015, one of her pieces was showcased in Palazzo Pitti for a Gala. Since living in Florence she has helped backstage at PITTI UOMO for renowned brands. We had a fast-paced 60 seconds with the designer.

Q. How did you get into being a fashion designer?
It started quite early when I was still going to school. People always asked me where I got my clothes from and what inspired by my appearance. After I finished my school I took a break to think about my future and explore new things like traveling, work experience and so on. After that, I was sure that I wanted to study Fashion Design so moved to Florence to attend Polimoda where I am studying right now.

Q. What drives you?
My gut feeling.

Q. How has your personal life influenced your career?
I had the chance and time to freely decide what I wanted to do.

Q. What was your greatest success in the past few years?
Great success for me includes also my private life and fulfilling experiences, things I can cross out from my to-do-list.

I am grateful to have my friends and the possibility to travel with them to places we are interested in and to enrich our mind with new impressions. The latest one was an amazing trip to Fuerteventura this summer.

Q. Do you have a Muse you wish you could see wearing your designs?
It can be a movie star as well as a woman from the street.

Q. What are your plans for the future?
Within the next year, I am going to graduate from a 4-year bachelor program from Polimoda in Florence. So I will be looking out for an internship.

The best is yet to come!