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5 Great Danny Dyer performances

19 May 5 Great Danny Dyer performances

by Matthew Martino

After Danny Dyer’s thumping return to Eastenders tonight we look back on his 5 greatest movies from before his time running the Queen Vic

The film that reminded everyone Dyer was a movie star as the boy became a man in this hard-hitting urban revenge thriller produced by Jonathan Sothcott and directed by Stephen Reynolds. Dyer plays hard as nails SAS officer Jimmy Vickers, out to avenge the death of his parents.

Nick Love’s masterpiece, this sweltering, swaggering crime masterpiece is sexy, funny and brutal. With great supporting performances from Tamer Hassan & Geoff Bell, and an amazing 80s soundtrack, this is the coolest Danny Dyer film there is.

That rare thing, a genuinely funny British comedy horror, the razor sharp script by James Moran really packs a comedic punch and Dyer enjoys every second of his best comedy role.

Often imitated but never bettered, Nick Love’s hooligan blockbuster launched a whole generation of British film stars. Dyer is on top form in a real star-making performance full of charm and swagger.

The film that made Dyer (and John Simm) a star, this epic drugs movie is packed with iconic scenes and boosted by a thumping soundtrack remains a classic of its kind. Nice one brother!

And one to avoid…

Even Martin and Gary Kemp, reunited on screen for the first time since The Krays, can’t save this mess. Dyer looks utterly lost throughout. No wonder he packed up and left for Walford shortly after.