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5 Awesome Camping Ideas: T1 Tact Watch to A Tree House in Atlanta

20 Aug 5 Awesome Camping Ideas: T1 Tact Watch to A Tree House in Atlanta

Are you on the cusp of going back into the normal work and school year soon? Sorry to say it, but yes, the time is upon us.    Everyone is tucking in their ‘adventure tails’ and returning back to the mundane life of a 9 to 5 parents or student.    However far away your bucket list destinations are, here’s an adventure that’s being set up in many cities, but most famous Atlanta.    Learn to ‘Glamp’ and utilize these 4 other ideas to enhance the experience.

  1. Atlanta Tree Houses & Tents – Down south, there’s an emerging trend of inner city camping called ‘Glamping.’   Via AirBNB, people are regularly renting the Atlanta TreeHouse and “Peace Tent,”  which range in cost from $34 to $375 per night.   Both are an experience to be had, that can be remembered in conversation for a lifetime.  For only $35 (see here), the Peace Tent is a perfect romantic couple’s getaway and beginner experience into the outdoors. If not that, it can just be a regular escape from the drone life of a city like Atlanta.
  1. Get a T1 Tact Watch (smartwatch here) before the experience.   When camping, this tiny device can help you in various ways. It’s water resistant, in water should touch it.   If you want to record memories, utilize the tactical smartwatch as a remote control to take hands free photos and video recordings.   It’s become a favorite of pranksters and outdoorsmen alike.With this ‘prankster’ ability, reminiscent of a 007 james bonds watch, create magic memories you can remember. Take photos and videos that will catch natural moments. Show your camping partner(s) everything after you did it. Hide your camera in the trees or foliage and set off the camera to record or snap a shot, from a distance.
  2. Make sure the tent has a firepit.   Tip #4 will go along with this. When was the last time you heard of a friend or person you knew, doing the old fashioned marshmallow roast under the bright stars of the night’s sky (video here)?    Bring back a touch of the 80s and live life away from the phone.       Make some jokes  in person , touch a person’s shoulder with a jolly laughter.  This is rare in 2019, so you will blow many people’s mind with such an event.
  3. Use your Google maps app on the phone for one thing and one thing only.  Find a local lake with a walking trail.   In the afternoon, go there with your fishing Rod and catch dinner.    Nothing is greater than time in the outdoors and catching your dinner is perfect when glamping, if you have #3!    Take your fish back home and cook it on an open fire.  Know how to do it? If not, simply read here.
  4.  When going on this camping adventure, it would be nice to keep 100% of the experience natural. However, most people will not find mosquitos pleasant. Therefore, the last camping item to grab is a portable mosquito killing LED light. Get the 2pac on Amazon for just $32 ( shop here ).   Keep 1 bulb inside your tent and 1 outside.   This will help eliminate some of the pests from annoying you and your guest(s).

With these 5 cool camping tips in mind, any inner city can be turned into a magic wilderness.  Do not let the idea of such a unique experience escape your mind.   If you want to be that person someone never forgets, doing such unique getaways is the key. A $35, or $375, adventure can lock you into a person’s brain forever.

If you’ve done such a camping experience as the Atlanta Tree House or the ATL Peace Tent, leave a comment with your experience.  Find a video beneath as well with additional camping ‘do’s and dont’s’ that can give even more insights to help with the adventure.

A recap on the list: (1) Book a Tent or Treehouse or 2 nights minimum;  (2) Buy the T1 Tact Watch & sync it with your phone.  Use the tactical smartwatch to capture the organic moments on your phone;  (3) Make sure the tent has a firepit or you can build one;   Bring marshmallows and hot dogs for cooking sessions;  (4)  Bring fishing rods to catch your own fish;  (5)  Get the mosquito repelling LED lights that are portable & rechargeable