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3 ways we can all advocate for men’s mental health this Movember

02 Nov 3 ways we can all advocate for men’s mental health this Movember

To mark the start of Movember, we wanted to share with you some top tips from Lucy Rout, founder of Tabuu about how we can support men with their mental health.

1. Call out gender based microaggressions
It’s 2021 and gender stereotypes have come a long way, but there is still a lot to be done. Subtle yet thoughtless phrases and actions towards men can reinforce the already intense pressure to conform and behave in a certain way and it’s on all of us to call things out when they’re not right. Whether it’s asking someone if they have a wife/girlfriend rather than a partner, a seemingly friendly “oh, daddy day care!” to a father out with their child or a jokey “man up” shared between friends, we need to recognise the impact these words and actions can have and speak up when things aren’t right.

2. Recognise that the news impacts everyone, including Men
The recent events in the U.K have been very distressing for everyone and it’s important that we also recognise the psychological impact it is also having on Men. Yes, you read that correctly. Fathers concerned for the safety of their daughters, brothers worrying about their sisters getting home safely and millions of people left feeling unsure how to behave with potentially detrimental impacts on their confidence or social ability. We now more than ever need to look out for one another and recognise that these feelings are valid, for all genders.

3. If in doubt, pick up the phone
Friend that’s gone a bit quiet? Father at work you’ve noticed dropping the ball on things? Boyfriend not sleeping as well as he had been? These all may be things that are absolutely nothing to worry about, but they can soon spiral into something more serious. Coming out of the pandemic and heading into Christmas party season will likely be an anxious time for many, we need to keep an eye on one another regardless of age, gender, or how seemingly well someone is coping. If ever in doubt, pick up the phone and check in.