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3 The Best-known Casinos in the World

02 Mar 3 The Best-known Casinos in the World

The modern gaming industry is rapidly developing. Casinos are no longer just halls with slot machines and gaming tables. This is a place where you can have a great time and relax without even playing. This review will focus on the three most famous casinos in the world.

#1 – Circus Circus Casino (USA)

Speaking of the most popular and world-famous casinos, one cannot ignore Las Vegas — the real Mecca of the gaming industry. The Circus Circus Casino is the same establishment where on October 1, 1993, the most notorious casino robbery in history took place. Attackers in the person of 21-year-old Heather Tallchief and her lover Roberto Solis managed to take out about $3 million. In addition, Circus Circus Casino has been the setting for many famous cinematic films, such as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and the 1971 James Bond film.

During the game, a real acrobatic performance unfolds over the heads of visitors, and by paying a certain amount, you can order an advertisement for yourself, which will appear on a giant screen in the centre of Las Vegas. You can try your luck in this establishment, as well as in Slotsmillion online casino, at any time of the day. It is also worth noting that being an ordinary gambling establishment with a small circus nearby, it eventually turned into a grandiose entertainment complex with rides, roller coasters, and a mini-golf course.

In addition to all of the above, it is also a huge hotel with almost 4,000 beds. Please note that the resort fee is subject to a 12% tax, which is not included in the hotel rate. The daily fee includes:

  • Free Wi-Fi in every room;
  • 2 rollercoaster tickets;
  • 2 free Midway games;
  • Access to the fitness centre;
  • Resort passport with all sorts of discounts and bonuses.


Hotel rates start at $59. Children under 16 stay free of charge in their parents’ room.

#2 – Casino di Venezia (Italy)

The casino, named after Venice, is the oldest gambling establishment in the world. The casino first opened its doors to visitors in 1638. The building, which today houses modern comfortable halls with slot machines and tables for card games, was built in 1509.

Casino di Venezia offers its visitors about 400 slot machines. You can try your luck by playing roulette, Caribbean poker, or blackjack. The institution has more than 1,000 gaming places. Despite its ancient history, the Venetian casino actively uses modern technologies — the institution has a fully automated electronic roulette Retro, as well as a slot analogue of the famous American game Wheel of Fortune. A ticket to the casino will cost only 5 euros, and by paying 10 euros, you can get more chips. The minimum bet is 5 euros.

#3 – Venetian Macau (China)

Macau, the gaming capital of Asia, is home to the Venetian Macao Casino, which is by far the largest casino in the world. There are about 3,400 slot machines and more than 800 gaming tables in the casino alone.

In 1850, the Portuguese administration of Macau decided to legalize gambling in the city. From that moment on, the gaming industry began its rapid development here. Today, most of Macau’s income comes from gaming establishments. The stream of profits has broken all records in Las Vegas, and the industry continues to grow and expand.

Casino Venetian Macao is decorated in Venetian style. Visitors are offered, for example, gondola rides along artificial canals. Here you can also see the exclusive show of Cirque du Soleil. Every year, the casino organizes the Miss Macau contest.

The minimum bet can range from $200 to $2,000 at Ruby Room. Slot machines allow you to start the game with 0.02 dollars. In this case, the bet can go up to $100. Ticket prices for the show range from $388 to $788 for adults and $194 to $394 for children.


The gambling industry is in constant development. Thanks to modern technology, to try your luck today, it is not at all necessary to go on a long trip to Las Vegas or Macau. But true connoisseurs of the original casino game still prefer land-based playgrounds.