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£1m Tudor Hall Offered As Raffle Prize to Help Owner Buy Her GreatGrandFather’s Car

05 Aug £1m Tudor Hall Offered As Raffle Prize to Help Owner Buy Her GreatGrandFather’s Car

Coles Hall, a 16th Century Tudor Hall located near Mayfield in East Sussex, is a being offered as a £1m prize in a £2 Prize Draw competition at

The historic, charming property is set in 5 acres of land and has been completely renovated, and is approximately an hour outside London by train.

The owner Josephine Lisle said: “I saw the Win a Country Home competition and said to myself ‘What a great idea!’ and contacted Mike via his Solicitors. It’s been a superb home that we have renovated extensively, and now it’s someone else’s turn to enjoy it as much as we have.”

79 year old Josephine is named after her GreatGrandfather Joseph Lisle who founded the Star Motor Company in Wolverhampton in 1898. At its peak Star was the UK’s sixth largest car manufacturer and produced around 1000 cars a year.

Josephine was featured on the BBC South East news when one of her family’s 100 year old cars was taken for its first MOT and passed with flying colours.

If the raffle goes well Josephine hopes to locate and buy one of her GreatGranPapa’s cars, the most famous being “The Gordon Bennett Racer”.

The competition is run by Mike Chatha who offered his own £500,000 Shropshire home as a prize earlier in the year on Valentine’s Day (won by 23yr old Jemma Nicklin, a part time admin worker). Following his success, Mike Chatha now raffles outstanding homes at and

Jemma said: “It’s a dream come true, I still can’t believe it.” When asked if anyone should enter Win a Country Home, she said: “Do it, what have you got to lose for £2?”

Mike said: “It’s such an honour to be working with Josephine, a marvellous lady and wonderful property. This truly is a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity for some lucky person.”

A proportion of the proceeds go to Charity, Ronald McDonald House Charities UK, who recently partnered with the competition. RMHC provide accommodation for families of critically ill children when they are in hospital a long way from home.


The competition closes soon on August 25th 2020.

If £1m of ticket sales are not reached, then 80% of the ticket sales will be offered as a cash prize.

Mike Chatha said: “How often to get you get to win a £1m home for £2? Especially a magnificent 16th Century Tudor Hall like this! Tickets are selling well, but we would like to sell as many as possible in order to maximise our charitable donation.”

Tickets are still available for £2 from and the draw is scheduled for 29th August 2020 at the house, and the organisers are trying to reach out to Jane Torvill (of Torvill&Dean) who lives locally to help with the draw if available.