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满翠珠宝 尹喆 – Paradise “Gems”

24 May 满翠珠宝 尹喆 – Paradise “Gems”

In feng shui, a lot is known and interested in a famous gemstone in which Ngoc Phi Thuy has most of that interest in terms of significant effects from the perspective of feng shui. However, in the gem market, there are still many people confused about gemstones including Ngoc Phi Thuy and how to distinguish and recognize them.
So today, let’s learn about redefining this famous gem!

What is witch hazel?

Many people do not know that Ngoc Phi Thuy is a general way for Jade, Burmese Jade, Nephrite Jade and all have common characteristics of blue or red color.

And Ngoc Phi Thuy on the market uses mostly Jadeite Jade, because part of the popularity of this type of jade is more popular. A part of Ngoc Phi Thuy has quite a lot of colors and variations.

As for Bich Ngoc, it is not used much because abroad, there is a preference for this type of jade due to its emerald green color indicating its value and class.

The effects that jade jade brings!

As mentioned above, Ngoc Phi Thuy not only brings ordinary users to know the sophistication and courtesy of this famous gemstone line, but also brings unexpectedly good energy from the perspective of feng shui. Because of that, many people have learned about the effects of feng shui when using Ngoc Phi Thuy and there are many people who hunt and search for suitable jade.

And why is Ngoc Phi Thuy used so much in feng shui???

Destiny peace:

Each of us wants most of all to have a “peaceful” life. It would be meaningless if life was always full of difficulties and obstacles, there were constant conflicts without end. Because of that, Ngoc Phi Thuy brings a source of pure energy that directs people to harmony and stability in life. Especially for many people who go on a long business trip and use Ngoc Phi Thuy to bring them with them, it is a meaning of sending and praying for peace and happiness of everyone in the house for that person.

Ngoc Phi Thuy is famous for bringing the meaning of peace, if the homeowner uses jade to carve into a peony, it will bring only good things but also have the effect of attracting wealth. with that person. Happy family.

In addition, Ngoc Phi Thuy also symbolizes the connection between husband and wife and prosperity in the family. So when giving Ngoc Phi Thuy to the newlywed couple, it also brings good luck and implies a happy married life, eternal life!

Banish evil when:

In the old days, on many jade faces were engraved countless diverse and rich shapes with many meanings left by the ancients until now. And Ngoc Phi Thuy is the kind of jade used to protect the body and has the effect of banishing evil spirits and protecting the user in order to bring abundant health, all things like success and convenience on the way to promotion.

Career advancement

Not only bringing peace, but Ngoc Phi Thuy is also used to help homeowners advance on the road to mandarin. There are many views that jade is a symbol of desire and career.

Ngoc Phi Thuy – Treasures of the world:

Ngoc Phi Thuy is also one of the seven precious and rare treasures of the world. It is a treasure created from the earth’s crust and symbolizes nobility and power, not only bringing luck but also peace to the user. Ngoc Phi Thuy appears in the ranks of the seven treasures, is an important element in the loader and unloads the incense bowl to put it in the incense bowl for the purpose of increasing the spirit of the incense bowl as well as the altar.


As a creation and creation from nature, Ngoc Phi Thuy not only meets the aesthetic value but also the spiritual value in feng shui.

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