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Your Best Online Casino Game: It’s in the Stars

21 Jul Your Best Online Casino Game: It’s in the Stars

While there are more than a few sceptics out there, for those of us that believe in astrology it can be a very useful guide to life. For example, it’s a good indication as to the sorts of friends and partners we’ll get on best with, as well as giving insights into our own unique personalities. These characteristics can also point us towards the other sorts of things in life we might enjoy or be best at – and a good example is casino games, especially those available via non stop casino uk.

There are a number of these and each one suits a particular personality or approach. So if you want to discover the best game to suit your particular star sign, read on.


When you think about roulette, the chances are that you imagine a plush and sophisticated casino where high rollers try their luck at the tables. There’s no denying that it’s a glamorous sort of game that appeals to both Leos and Scorpios. Both are signs marked out by their extrovert personalities, not to mention a love of the high life. In the case of the latter, a strong drive to make money is also key.

“g6668 Slot Machine” (CC BY 2.0) by FolsomNatural


Of all the casino gambling games, slots are usually people’s favourites. Not only do the leading online sites have a huge range to choose from, but they’re also fun, colourful and very easy to play. The random nature of the games also makes them perfect for the water signs like Aquarius and Taurus who love the unexpected and positively thrive on excitement. Some slots games are also based on the zodiac, making them even more fun to play.


Card games tend to involve a more calculating and thought-through approach than other casino games, and blackjack is no exception. It pitches the player in direct competition with the dealer, unlike most other casino games. So it’s a great game both for signs like Capricorn who enjoy some healthy competition and the more contemplative signs like Sagittarius and the perfectly-balanced Libra.


Traditionally, bingo halls were as much places to meet up and socialise with friends as they were places to play the game. The increasingly-popular online version of the game has taken this sociable aspect and woven it in through the use of chatrooms and other social media. So the gregarious nature of both Geminis and Cancerians makes them the ideal candidates for a great online get-together and the chance to call out an online “house” or two.


Last, but not least, poker is a game that’s played as much in the mind as it is on the table. So the ice-cool intuition of Virgo, closely followed by Pisces, means that these are the two signs who could be head and shoulders above the rest when telling when the opponents are bluffing.

So there you have them. A quick rundown of the astrological guide to gambling. As to whether it will come true for you or not, the answer’s in the stars.