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Young Dolph Got The Best Car Insurance? Thieves Steal $450K Gold & Diamonds From Rapper’s Mercedes-Benz

26 Mar Young Dolph Got The Best Car Insurance? Thieves Steal $450K Gold & Diamonds From Rapper’s Mercedes-Benz

Memphis rapper Young Dolph is ‘eating’ well from his Hip-Hop music career.   In fact, he’s doing that both literally and figuratively. This ‘literal’ part did not go so well recently however as he was seated at one of his favorite restaurants, Cracker Barrel.  According to the AJC, while ‘going major’ with his orders for lunch inside, a hungry robber was outside. That thief stole an estimated $450K in gold and jewelry from his surely-insured Mercedes-Benz G-wagon truck outside.

No one was hurt during the ‘break and grab’ style hit in Dekalb County, Atlanta.   Young Dolph’s car was likely targeted because it’s so noticeably different. The G-Wagon wheels are chrome, along with the vehicle’s body style being a matte camouflage wrap.  It’s a clear identifier to the rapper being present somewhere nearby. And as advertised, inside the parked vehicle there were things just as flashy as the car’s exterior.

Most thieves would not target the rapper directly as his entourage includes thorough security.   However, his presence is still going to attract thieves. Through social media it’s obvious the Memphis rapper usually keeps bags of money, along with millions  of dollars in jewelry with him. However, this time he made the mistake of leaving it in his car for a quick snack.

Atlanta Thieves broke into the Benz truck through a window, according to parking lot surveillance descriptions.    Once a hole was made, they opened the door and quickly cleared the car of all contents that appeared to possibly hold valuables.  The job was done in a time so quick, the alarm barely had time to be heard by visitors inside the Dekalb County Cracker Barrel restaurant.    By the time Dolph was made aware, the heist was completed and the burglars already completed their escape. Local police describe the getaway car as a silver Nissan Maxima or Altima.

Young Dolph must have the #1 rated dealer on Insurance Panda′s 25 best auto insurance companies in America.    He was not phased  much by the nearly half-a-million dollar loss and posted a positive message to fans on instagram, after the incident.

This is one of several camouflage wrap covered cars the Memphis rap superstar owns.  He also has a Dodge Hellcat, Lamborghini supercar, Rolls Royce Phantom, and more. All of this can be seen on his social media profile, where he flaunts the wealth openly.