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Wilkins & Sons Ltd donate £2,500 to Witham based charity

17 Nov Wilkins & Sons Ltd donate £2,500 to Witham based charity

 On Wednesday 15 November Wilkins & Sons Ltd, donated £2,500 to Witham based charity The Children’s Heart Federation. The proceeds were raised during Wilkins & Sons Ltd’s annual Strawberry Race.

In attendance on the day was Freddie Riley, from Tiptree, the one-year-old child of a Wilkin & Son employee, who was born with a serious heart condition.

Talking about the donation Anne Keatley-Clarke, Chief Executive of CHF commented, “We are extremely grateful that the Wilkins & Sons Ltd chose to support The Children’s Heart Federation. Congenital Heart Disease is the most common birth defect affecting children in the UK and our aim is to support children and families affected by these conditions whilst raising awareness and improving screening for conditions at birth. It is only with on-going support that we are able to continue to provide a service to those affected by congential heart disease and we would like to thank Wilkins & Sons Ltd for their kind donation.”