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Why Canadians Should Consider Enrolling At The University Of Essex

04 Jun Why Canadians Should Consider Enrolling At The University Of Essex

If you’re a Canadian looking to enroll at a university located outside of your home country, the University of Essex is well worth considering. It accepts students from North America and offers a variety of different courses which can help you on your journey to that dream job.

Why the University of Essex?

The University of Essex is one of the top 50 universities in the UK and is regularly praised by students for being helpful and friendly, providing much-needed support to students, and being home to excellent learning facilities and accommodation too.

Most graduates from the University of Essex have gone on to study Master degrees in law, economics, politics, and others have gone on to work in the online gambling industry which is not only highly popular in the United Kingdom but in Canada as well.

What You Need to Get Started

According to the University of Essex, Canadia applicants will be considered if they have a minimum of 75% on their Canadian Secondary School Certificate, Diploma, or DEC. The University of Essex’s LLB Law (Senior Status) requires a GPA 2.0 or equivalent from a Bachelor degree.

What’s more, the university also offers Foundation Programmes which will allow for entry to undergraduate degrees. However, it’s important to note that some of the university’s other degrees may feature higher entry requirements so it’s important to check with each course to understand its criteria.

For postgraduate courses, the University of Essex will only consider applicants with a B average or GPA 2.7/4 or equivalent from a Canadian Bachelor degree. As stated above, it’s important to check with each course individually before applying.


The University of Essex runs an Americas Regional Scholarship scheme which offers applicants from Canada up to £3,000 in scholarships. It also runs its Academic Excellence International Masters Scholarship scheme which offers a £2,000 tuition fee discount to masters students from Canada. Both of these can help new applicants land the course they want.

The Courses

Many Canadian applicants go on to study Law at the University of Essex and can select from a two-year fast track course known as LLB Law (Senior Status), as well as a traditional three-year course which allows students to take on additional modules or specialise in a certain field.

The course and additional modules include; LLB Law, LLB Law with Finance, LLB Law with Politics, LLB Law with Business, LLB Law with Philosophy, LLB Law with Criminology, and LLB Law with Human Rights.

There’s also the LLB English and French Law (License) which is a “double degree” course. Students spend two years at the University of Essex and a final third year at a partner university in France. This course is perfect for applicants who are fluent in both English and French.

Finally, the University of Essex also runs several one-year Masters degrees in Law and Human Rights.

Life After Graduation

As mentioned, most Canadians who graduate from the University of Essex go on to continue studying law at Masters level or land jobs in their desired fields, often law. However, many also go on to work in other fields including online gambling, politics, teaching, and business. Many graduates return to Canada to work in their respective fields while others remain in the UK, either to continue studying or find work. No matter what you choose, the University of Essex will offer you the help and support you need.