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Who will be next season’s Premier League champion?

29 Jul Who will be next season’s Premier League champion?

The next season of the English Premier League starts in two weeks. There will be 20 strongest teams participating with 38 home and away games for each team. No innovations and rule changes in the most classic football League.

It should be reminded that the current champion of the Premier League is Manchester City. The football club from Manchester confidently won the trophy in the previous season, overtaking the nearest competitor by 12 points. Outstanding result and confident championship. Will Citizens do it again? Get ready for suspense, fun and intrigue.  

New season and new champion. Or not?

Experts of websites with Premier League prediction and tips believe that Manchester City has a high chance of winning the tournament for the fourth time.

What is more, they also won the FA Cup and are believed to be one of the strongest teams in Europe. To add, the club’s management does not plan to make any changes in the first lineup in the new season. So we are going to see good ol’ Manchester City on the field. However, they have at least a few strong competitors to fight for the championship.

First one is Chelsea. The team has a new coach Thomas Tuchel, for whom this season will be the first full test in the Premier League. Fans are confident that Chelsea can become the most serious competitor of Manchester City. In addition, Londoners have already beaten football players from Manchester in the Champions League final. Not bad for a contender.

Secondly, it is Liverpool, which is coached by Jurgen Klopp. The Liverpool club has all the chances to make comeback to the top of the table this season. The football club had a lot of injuries last season, but in this championship Jurgen Klopp plans to fight for the first position. And the club has a real chance to win. In the last ten rounds of last season, the players from Liverpool won 8 matches and drew 2. Sounds like a very good result.

Third, it is Manchester United, which has been improving for the third year in a row. In past years the team took the sixth and third places in the table, then last season the club from Manchester took second place.

Tottenham Hotspur also has low chances to win the tournament. However, the likelihood that this club will be able to outplay the favorites is not very high.

In addition, this year the tournament will be played by such grandees of the football world like Leicester City, Arsenal and others. They can create problems for the favorites or even compete for the championship as well.

The top four clubs with the most points this season will qualify for the Champions League, while fifth in the standings will be in the Europa League.

Lucky newcomers well-known losers

According to the tournament rules, the three worst teams of the last season leave the Premier League. Sheffield United, West Bromwich and Fulham scored the least points last season and will not play in the League this year. Watford, Norwich and Brentford will take their places in the 2021-2022 season.

By the way, it is Brentford who will start the new season of the Premier League. The club will play with Arsenal at Brentfordstadium on 13 August.