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What does the delay to ‘Freedom Day’ mean for hospitality venues?

15 Jun What does the delay to ‘Freedom Day’ mean for hospitality venues?

With the Prime Minister’s announcement that the lifting of all restrictions will no longer take place on June 21st, the hospitality sector is one of those set to be hardest hit by this latest setback. Industry experts have estimated that the postponement of the so-called ‘Freedom Day’ will have a £3bn impact on the hospitality sector, while some have gone as far to say that the ‘lights have been switched off’ for the late-night sector.

While venues such as Rockwater Hove have had the facilities to trade throughout the numerous tiers and levels of lockdown, the latest announcement is of course cause for frustration.

Luke Davis, founder of Rockwater Hove, has commented to what the latest announcement means for the hospitality industry:

“While being one of the luckiest businesses in hospitality, this announcement from the Prime Minister does come as a disappointment for Rockwater. We have been lucky over the past year that we have been able to trade, whether it be through our beach-front Shacks By The Shore, or our roof terrace that has exposure to open air. However, what the industry desperately needs is certainty, and that so far has been lacking. We have had to sideline some of the events and bookings that we had planned for a total lifting of restrictions, providing further frustrations to the community that we serve, and us as a business. All we can hope for now is that clarity is provided to the industry from here on in.”