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Welcome spring with smooth and healthy skin. Here are the types of cosmetics that will help you with it

03 May Welcome spring with smooth and healthy skin. Here are the types of cosmetics that will help you with it

Spring is a special time when the day becomes longer, the sky is azure blue, and the sun gives us its rays. Just like nature, our skin awakens to living out of hibernation. After long, devoid of natural light, autumn and winter months, skin needs to look luminous and radiant. What can help us in achieving such effects?

The appearance of the skin says a lot about health

Healthy skin says a lot about our health. When it is in good shape, it means that our body is properly supplied with vitamins, macroelements and fatty acids. With a shortage of these ingredients, we can notice dryness, paleness, thinness, fine wrinkles, emerging blemishes and irritations. How to get smooth skin in spring? A good cosmetic is essential. Cosmetics for the skin should be perfectly suited to its needs. However, there are a few universal rules that will help us achieve a perfect complexion. One of the most important elements of good care is proper makeup removal. The principle is simple: we should never go to bed with full makeup on. Unwashed remnants of make-up will not only irritate our skin, but also contribute to the blackhead formation and pimples. Appropriate make-up removal should be performed with water. Many of us make the same mistake of using only makeup removing milk without the subsequent use of a water-based cleanser.

The next step is exfoliation. Exfoliation of the old epidermis should be done regularly. Thanks to this, we will get rid of the old callous layer of the skin and enable the possibility of the emergence of a new, more luminous one. After exfoliation, an essential element of care is moisturizing. It is thanks to moisture that our skin becomes soft, firm and looks exceptionally good. It is also worth remembering about the use of sun protection. It is the cream with a sufficiently high filter that will allow us to protect our face against the first wrinkles and sun discoloration.

Take care of your skin from the inside

Taking care of your skin from the outside is a key element. However, that’s not all we should do to enjoy a smooth complexion. Supplementation of ingredients that affect the appearance of our skin is important in the springtime. Currently we can get many supplements that aim to restore skin elasticity and firmness as well as help to maintain eternal youth. In their composition, we have collagen that is the main component of intercellular substances. Collagen is responsible for processes of epidermis renewal and binds water in the tissues of our skin, which results in deep moisturizing. Among the most appreciated supplements that improve our appearance are the supplements available in the YourSecretIs store. Their composition includes natural ingredients that are safe for our health. 

Apart from the previously mentioned precious collagen, these supplements contain, among others wild rose, very rich in vitamin C and turmeric extract. The combination of these ingredients slows down the aging process of the skin and improves the condition of the whole organism.