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Two Special Edition Electric MOKEs Designed By Steve Edge Raise £450,000 For Blue Marine Foundation At Monaco Yacht Show

01 Oct Two Special Edition Electric MOKEs Designed By Steve Edge Raise £450,000 For Blue Marine Foundation At Monaco Yacht Show

Two bespoke Electric MOKEs raised £450,000
(€500,000) at auction at Monaco Yacht Show yesterday (Sept 28th), with all funds going to support the crucial efforts of the Blue Marine Foundation in restoring the world’s oceans back to health.

On display at the auction was the first of the two special edition MOKEs, which was conceived and directed by world-famous designer and brand expert Steve Edge, founder and creative director of Steve Edge Design. It features a new ‘Blue Marine’ exterior paint job and a coral design used throughout the car, both of which pay tribute to the oceans that the foundation is working so hard to protect and restore. Other bespoke features include custom painted wheels with exclusive wheel covers, a contrasting white grille and a unique Bimini cover and full weather-proof canopy.

The interior of the car is just as special, with hand stitched Blue Marine upholstery across the seats and steering wheel, a one-off Blue Marine dashboard with the Blue Marine logo, and reclaimed wooden entry strips that replicate boat decking. A second special edition Electric MOKE will be designed and built to commission, with the two one-off cars raising €250,000 each, making a combined total of €500,000 (£450,000).

“Having the opportunity to work on the Electric MOKE was a dream come true. Whether it’s Bond in The Caribbean or Bardot in St Tropez, its iconic form is, for me, ever associated with fun and glamour. So, forget your Bentleys, the Electric MOKE is the new benchmark for luxury. Working with The Blue Marine Foundation was always a no brainer, a charity that strives to protect our blue planet and, more importantly, a charity that truly delivers on its promise.”
Steve Edge, founder and creative director, Steve Edge Design

The new Electric MOKE is a reinvigoration of the 1964 Mini Moke, created by the father of the Mini, Sir Alec Issigonis. It quickly became an emblem of the Swinging ’60s and found armies of fans in coastal resorts and glamourous locations around the world, as well as a number of celebrity admirers, including The Beatles and The Beach Boys. Reinvented as a zero-emissions vehicle, helping to improve the air quality in some of the world’s most beautiful locations is key to the mission of the Electric MOKE and MOKE International.

As the ideal ‘villa to beach’ buggy, MOKE’s spiritual home has always been the Mediterranean, which is why supporting Blue Marine’s conservation work in places like Greece is such a natural fit. All money raised by the auction is going towards supporting Blue Marine’s efforts to restore the world’s oceans back to health. Blue Marine aims to ensure the protection of at least 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030, restoring damaged marine habitats and developing models of sustainable fishing.

“Blue Marine is thrilled that MOKE and Steve Edge design have created this ocean-inspired, custom-designed Electric MOKE. Funds raised through the sale of these special ocean MOKEs will go towards our vital work in the Mediterranean, securing marine protected areas and protecting endangered species such as monk seals. Huge thanks to MOKE for your generosity.”
Clare Brook, CEO, Blue Marine Foundation

The new Electric MOKE is built in the UK, remaining true to its roots, at a state-of- the-art facility in Northamptonshire. The flagship ‘Casa MOKE’ store was recently opened in Saint-Tropez where customers can build and order their car in the Electric MOKE’s natural home – by the sea. Alternatively, customers can also visit the new MOKE International website where they can pay a £990 reservation fee to secure their place in the queue for production slots.

The Electric MOKE has a range of up to 120kms on a single charge, enough for four round trips from Cap-Ferrat to Monaco, and a top speed of 80kph. A charge of 80% of range takes four hours on a standard Type 2 European charger. As a fully electric vehicle it still provides the fun and freedom that made the original Mini Moke such a hit, but it does so with zero emissions, doing its bit for a new sustainable era.