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Travellers will benefit from increased access to Stansted Airport

25 Mar Travellers will benefit from increased access to Stansted Airport

It’s easier than ever before for holiday makers to get to Stansted Airport thanks to National Express.

The UK’s largest coach operator has doubled the frequency of its A9 service from Stratford direct to the terminal doors at Stansted Airport, meaning travellers have more options to connect to and from their flights in good time.

It will now be running every 15 minutes to cater for the growing number of people choosing to take public transport to the airport from London.

The journey time from Stratford to Stansted is just 50 minutes, dropping passengers off directly at the terminal door with the benefits of a generous luggage allowance, guaranteed seats, and free WiFi.

John Boughton, Commercial Director at National Express Coach, said: “Stansted Airport has successfully grown public transport use, with half of air passengers accessing the airport by public transport, and coach is a big part of the story.

“Our A9 service has gone from strength to strength, particularly over the past 12 months. We’re now as frequent as the train, just as quick, but cost less, so coach really is the smart option.

“We hope that this increased frequency will not only meet the needs of our customers, but will also support Stansted’s aim to maintain its position as the number 1 UK airport for public transport use.”

Denise Rossiter, Chief Executive of Essex Chambers of Commerce, added “It is good to see that as Stansted Airport is growing, so too is the opportunity to get to and from the airport by public transport, and in particular by coach.

“We welcome this increase in services from National Express, which we are sure will be of real benefit to not just the airport and its users but businesses and residents in Essex as well”.