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TraderMade Launches a Free Currency Converter

08 Aug TraderMade Launches a Free Currency Converter

Market data provider TraderMade has launched an all-new feature to simplify real-time currency conversions.

TraderMade Systems Ltd, a globally recognised financial market data provider, has introduced a free currency converter. The all-new free currency converter helps users get exchange rates for numerous currency pairs backed by TraderMade’s real-time Forex Data.

The new currency converter offers simplified currency conversion calculations with accurate results and allows users to choose a desired base currency and convert it to various quote currencies.

The system is powered by real-time conversion rates, enabling it to provide the most up-to-date conversion rates at any time.

Chris Randall, CEO at TraderMade Ltd said: “We are thrilled to add this new feature to our service offering, which will help users get the most liquid non-skewed forex rates at their fingertips.

“Our currency converter is programmed to make monetary calculations and provide conversion rates across hundreds of currencies instantly. It is a handy tool for businesses involved in overseas transactions and overseas travellers to get prices in their local currency.”

For more information on TraderMade’s ultra-fast currency converter, visit