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TRACY KISS Exclusive: Early career, Dead Ringer film and future plans

29 Aug TRACY KISS Exclusive: Early career, Dead Ringer film and future plans

From modelling and bodybuilding right through to acting, Tracy Kiss had a chat with us to discuss her future projects and her upcoming role in feature film Dead Ringer!

Q. Tell our readers who is Tracy Kiss?

TK: I’m a 30yr old media personality and social influencer with 3.4million followers worldwide which is growing by the day. I found fame as an 18yr old model scouted by MTV and have since gone on to have a family, qualify as a personal trainer, earn my pro card as a natural vegan bodybuilding professional and raise thousands of pounds for charities through fitness. I enjoy motivating and inspiring people to lead healthy active lifestyles whilst being kind to others

Q. How did you get into acting?

TK: I took GCSE drama at school and first began acting aged 18 for MTV in a documentary about relationships. I had to pretend to be somebody’s girlfriend on camera and it was pretty similar to modelling so it didn’t really phase me. I’ve also taken part in television for documentaries, reality TV and prime time entertainment shows across the UK, Europe and America which are always great fun and a natural progression into acting.

Q. How did you bag a role in Dead Ringer?

TK: I made my acting debut in Amar Adatia and Calum Best’s film Dangerous Game a couple of years ago and the same team in casting invited me back for a role in Dead Ringer. I had the opportunity to play a bikini clad drug factory worker who gets caught stealing and it seemed fantastically exciting and something that I wouldn’t ever come across in daily life so I jumped at the chance and really enjoyed it.

Q. Tell us more about your role in Dead Ringer?

TK: I love working on film sets because the atmosphere is always so pumped and energetic. It’s also nice to get out of the gym and into some slinky heels, have my hair and makeup done professionally and step into a fantasy life portraying a character that’s very different to myself. I had to scream and shout as I was dragged away by security with guns and muscle men and in another scene things get a little heated in a drop top Ferrari.

Q. Any future plans?

TK: Now that I’ve had a taste for the big screen I’d certainly love to branch into acting, it’s such a cathartic way to explore yourself and reach out to others, to portray a special message and meaning that wouldn’t come across in the same way if you were just having a conversation about a topic. The world of film is incredible, the detail, special effects, huge team behind the scenes and vision of the director bring everything to life in the most fascinating way. In film anything is possible and that both excites and inspires me at the very same time. Watch this space!