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Top Ideas For Next Valentine’s Days Celebrating in an Active and Healthy Way

18 Feb Top Ideas For Next Valentine’s Days Celebrating in an Active and Healthy Way

Valentine’s day is a special time of year, which can be either hated or loved. Typically celebrated by happy couples, the day of love provides a great opportunity for people to express their true feelings once again and celebrate their relationship.

At the same time, Valentine’s Day is a cruel reminder of any love problems for all the single people – those who recently broke up, those stuck in friend zones, as well as those who are unsuccessfully looking for love.

Consequently, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, every year, more and more people decide to quickly look for someone to celebrate this day with – they visit sites like DOWN dating, start engaging conversations with strangers in the supermarket, and ask friends to set them up for blind dates. That’s one way to approach Valentine’s Day – and for a lot of people, it seems to work.

However, if this year you would like to change something, and spend this day actively and healthily without looking for love, follow our article:

Find a New Hobby

One of the most active and healthiest ways to spend Valentine’s Day is to engage in a new, interesting activity. You can plan this day ahead, and go skiing, hiking, or look for adventure in the woods. Or maybe you decide to start painting, carving, or designing new clothes? The list of ideas is endless, so choose the one that will make you feel very fulfilled and productive.

Spoil Yourself

Spoiling yourself might give you the idea of spending the whole day watching Netflix and eating ice-cream. In fact, that’s not exactly what is recommended. On the contrary, you should do something that will spoil your body in a good and healthy way. You can order a meal that will be both delicious and full of vitamins, or buy this new sports attire that you’ve always been saving money for, or spoil your brain by watching an interesting documentary about penguins. Whatever it be, think about your own happiness and development.

Reconnect With Old Friends

Feeling that you lack a real and special connection with other people on Valentine’s Day, you might take this opportunity to rekindle old friendships. Going through life, we tend to forget about meaningful relationships we made along the way. If you happen to be alone on Valentine’s day, call people you once loved or the ones you simply parted ways with and invite them for a tennis game or a hike. This way, you will feel much more happy, healthy, and satisfied.

Watch Your Favorite TV Show Together

Each Valentine’s Day, you are faced with a choice: either you go for the cliché date in a restaurant and then enjoy the evening at home, or you watch your favorite shows until you fall asleep. The second option doesn’t sound so bad!

While it may not necessarily be an “active” way to spend Valentine’s Day, it certainly is very beneficial for your mental health! An evening spent in your comfort zone will make you feel a whole lot better and ready to handle the challenges that may come your way in the future.

Get a New Look

Indeed, conducting activities as productive as picking up a new hobby or going on Valentine’s Day date requires a makeover. In case you haven’t heard, there is one thing that studies have proven to be the most important when it comes to relationships – first impressions. And how do others get to form their first impression of you? Through the way you look, of course! A good, old-fashioned makeover is a surefire way to get the fire started, regardless of whether it’s your first date or you have been seeing the same person for years now!If you are not looking for a relationship now, get a new look for yourself! You deserve it!

Buy a Gift

Speaking of spoiling yourself… Why don’t you buy a gift for yourself?

You will surely be able to pick out a thoughtful gift. It could even be something romantic such as candles of various colors and shapes, essential oils, or some new scented fragrance from Chanel or Dolce Gabbana. Buy yourself some cute little things that will give you joy every time you will use them.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of how you choose to spend Valentine’s Day next year, you should go for an activity that corresponds well with your interests and passions. Remember that the 14th of February is just another day when you can make yourself feel happy and completed. You don’t need to go on a Tinder date or wait for someone to declare their love to you. You have yourself, and it’s more than enough to celebrate Valentine’s day!