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Tips for a Day Out at the Races

15 Oct Tips for a Day Out at the Races

Horse racing is a popular sport and there are many people who enjoy the action on a daily basis, watching from home or simply keeping up to date with the results.

However, a day at the races is also a social occasion and for that reason, there are many who attend who are either having their first day at the track, or who don’t follow horse racing away from the odd social day out.

For these people, the main reason for being at the course is to have fun and enjoy themselves, though backing winners along the way will certainly help.

This needs a different approach to what many casual horse racing fans will take, and here are three things that will make your day out at the races even more enjoyable from a betting perspective.

Place Your Bets Before Going to the Course

If you are heading to a racecourse anywhere, such as the nearby Chelmsford racecourse, you want to enjoy yourself from the minute you are there. For this reason, it is a good idea to place your bets before going to the course, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Some of these give free bets to new customers, which is an opportunity to place a bet without risk for those taking advantage.

There are many bookmakers you can sign up with and use while at home to get your bets on. If you place a bet on every race of the meeting, you can simply keep track of your selections and cheer them on when the race comes around.

To help with this, many bookmakers offer a mobile betting service to their players. If you have the app downloaded or log onto the mobile site, you can check up on your bets and do anything you need to from your phone while you are at the course.

Look for Simple Ways to Make Your Selections

Those heading to the races for a fun day out with friends and family are unlikely to know too much about horse racing and won’t know how to study the form.

This doesn’t mean that you should completely ignore this side of things, there is still something you can do.

Look for simple pointers, one of the best is to look at the best trainers and jockeys at the track. You can find this online, or in the newspaper if you are looking at the form there. These are the best performers, so are often worth following.

Other possible pointers would be to look at past results from an earlier meeting and see if any trainers or jockeys did well on that occasion. This is better, and easier, for those looking for simple ways to place bets, rather than looking at individual horses.

Keep Stakes Low and Simple

Having fun at the races is what we all go for, and while it is great for a winning bet to pay for some of the day you have, it shouldn’t put a downer on things either.

For this reason, it is better to keep your stakes low and your bets simple. Rather than putting numerous horses together, stick to singles, therefore you know if you have just one winner, you will see a small return on the bet.

Even with small stakes on your selections, the buzz of getting a winner at the course is something you are going to love. If you are lucky enough, your winnings will pay for a few drinks, and make your trip to the races a very enjoyable one.