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Time to park the bus! Watch the moment an Essex bus driver wins a £50,000 new car

27 Jul Time to park the bus! Watch the moment an Essex bus driver wins a £50,000 new car

Ding-ding! Here’s the moment an Essex bus driver wins a £50,000 set of wheels and £10,000 in cash from dream car competitions’ company BOTB –

23-year-old Ibrar Iqbal was left speechless after scooping a souped-up Volkswagen Golf in BOTB’s midweek car competition.

Ibrar was shaking in disbelief when BOTB presenter Christian Williams turned up at his door to tell him he’d won this week’s prize, meaning he can kiss goodbye to his old Vauxhall Corsa.

“I’ve never won anything,” he said after seeing the ABT version of the VW Golf R DSG. “Let alone a £50,000 car.”

Since being founded in 1999 by William Hindmarch, BOTB has given away over £34m worth of prizes, including supercars, cash and holidays.

“I just love cars, buses – everything to do with driving really. That’s why I became a bus driver,” Ibrar told Christian after being ambushed with the prize.

“I’ve only been playing BOTB three weeks. I honestly couldn’t believe it when Christian turned up at my door – my mom thought it was a scam!”

But the surprises didn’t stop there.

After showing Ibrar around the car and the features inside, Christian took him round to the boot where a briefcase of cash was waiting for him.

“That’s a lot of money,” Ibrar added, as he looked at the £10,000. “I can finally treat my mum to a nice holiday!”

Ibrar went on to say his mum had raised him as a single mum and done everything she could to give him a happy childhood.

“I am so pleased to be able to give something back to her and treat her – she deserves it.”

A true family guy, Ibrar also said he’s giving his old car – a Vauxhall Corsa – to his brother.

Christian, who surprises winners all over the country every week, said: “Ibrar seems like such a lovely young lad. I’m so pleased for him – I hope he enjoys the car, and his family enjoy their treats, too!”