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Tim Farron’s 25year throwback with PM Theresa May backfires

09 Apr Tim Farron’s 25year throwback with PM Theresa May backfires

Who knew they went all that way back ?!

Making the most of his Sunday on Twitter Lib Democrats leader Tim Farron shared a 25year old throwback from a general election snippet with current Prime Minister Theresa May in which he joked about both their hair styles at the time, the tweet quickly back fired most probably because of Mr Farron’s comments on the Syrian air strikes.

He tweeted “25 years ago today, me and the PM heading for defeat…but both sporting Rick Astley’s hairdo”

This coming merely days after he took the strange stance of supporting Donald Trump and his strikes. He told a publication earlier in the week “The attack by American forces was a proportionate response to the barbarous attack”.

His 1992 tweet quickly backfired with numerous followers taking aim to him.

One user wrote “The PM probably doesn’t spend her days on twitter reminiscing about 25 year old photographs because she’s the PM & has better things to do.”

Another quipped “Teresa May is now Prime Minister, Hilary Armstrong is in the House of Lords, whatever happened to you.”

Whilst Twitter user @Libsg77 put the final nail in the coffin tweeting “she’s now the most powerful woman in the UK. And you’re a democracy hating nobody