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Thurrock Conservatives Safe Campaigning Pledge

05 Mar Thurrock Conservatives Safe Campaigning Pledge

The Government have announced that political campaigning can begin from the 8th March. But Thurrock Conservatives will not knock on your door until residents can visit their family members.

A Thurrock Conservative Spokesman said: “The NHS and the Government have done a terrific job of vaccinating over 30% of Thurrock adults but we still have a way to go. We do not believe it is right for political candidates to be knocking on people’s doors while residents are still unable to visit their family members. While leafleting can safely be done and socially distanced it isn’t appropriate for door knocking due to the current climate.

We cannot speak for other parties or independent candidates, it would be up to them. However Thurrock Conservatives will be putting the safety of our residents before any electioneering.