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The Importance of Being Ernest production heads to Chelmsford

03 May The Importance of Being Ernest production heads to Chelmsford

As a rare treat to the locals of Chelmsford and surrounding areas, HYLANDS ESTATE is set to open its beautiful doors on the 30th May for a theatrical treat that is taking the UK by storm.

Split Second Productions, alongside Hylands Estate, is producing Oscar Wilde’s cherished The Importance of Being Earnest– but not quite as you may know it. The hilarious, two man re-imagining of the classic will visit 20 beautiful castles, palaces and manor houses across the country – including Hylands Estate.

Guests will be invited to join Lady Bracknell for tea and drinks from 6:30pm, ahead of the performance at 7:30pm. They will then take their seats and enjoy the “exhilarating” and “ingenious” re-telling of the story where two actors will play every single character. Rapid quick-changes, tap dancing, fabulous frocks and enough tea to sink a ship, audiences are in for a wildly waggish time. It’s Oscar Wilde’s classic as you’ve never seen it before!

The riotous tour will stop at manor houses, town halls and castles around the UK, performing in some of the most exquisite drawing rooms and great halls that this country has to offer – just as Lady Bracknell would deem fit.

For tickets and a full list of venues/availability see online at