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The classic panto ‘Rapunzel’ comes to Chelmsford

14 Nov The classic panto ‘Rapunzel’ comes to Chelmsford

It’s time to cheer the beautiful Rapunzel and boo the evil witch, Dame Gothel, as the classic panto ‘Rapunzel’ comes to Hylands Estate for a very limited series of enchanting performances on Thursday 27 and Friday 28 December.

The stunning parkland of Hylands Estate provides the perfect backdrop for the magical tale of a young girl, Rapunzel, who was snatched from her parents by a witch, who locks her up in a tower in the middle of the woods.

There, the child grows into a young lady with very long golden hair, so long that a handsome Prince can use it to climb up the tower, but will he be able to rescue her from the clutches of the witch?

The classic fairy tale will be brought to life in the grand pavilion at Hylands Estate with performances starting at 11.30am and 4pm.