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The Baytree Shopping Centre launches relaxed beach session

19 Aug The Baytree Shopping Centre launches relaxed beach session

To ensure all guests have the same chance to enjoy The Baytree’s beach, the centre has just announced an additional quiet session.

The first relaxed session is due to take place on Thursday 26th August from 6-8pm, designed to provide an opportunity for children who might prefer a more relaxed environment.

The session is open to anyone with additional educational and physical needs, who may prefer enjoying #Baytreebeach in a quieter setting.

The 5m x 6m beach is located at the front of the centre and allows children to enjoy playing in the sand and creating their very own sand masterpieces.

Parents can sit back and relax in The Baytree’s deckchairs which are located around the beach.

To attend the relaxed session, please send The Baytree a message via their Facebook page or email address:

The Baytree’s Facebook
Email –
Please send the following:
1 – Child’s name and parents/guardian name
2 – Email address of parent/guardian
3 – Child’s age and requirements