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The Basics of Online Gambling Etiquette

04 May The Basics of Online Gambling Etiquette

As online gambling continues its upward rise in popularity, newbies are tasked with conforming to social expectations. There are specific rules all patrons must follow in a brick-and-mortar casino, like not getting drunk, dressing appropriately, and keeping phones off the card table. While most of these rules translate to online casinos, others are intended for the Internet.

Know the Rules in Advance

It won’t take you hundreds of hours to learn how to play slots, but other casino games, like poker and blackjack, require some research. While some players will be friendly to you and help you understand the game’s rules, most will be irritated at your unprofessionalism. Most table games are easy to learn and have a couple of rules, but you’ll still need to know what each card face means and how to win a hand. Only join a game when you’re sure of the rules.

Research Local Online Gambling Laws Before Playing

Every US state has different gambling laws, but most of them allow you to play online as long as the casino’s headquarters are located in a country where gambling is legalized. Always research where the casino is located to ensure you can legally make a bet on the website. Horse racing is often a cause of dispute for online casinos that are available in the United States. If your state doesn’t have a commercial racetrack, it’s best to avoid placing a bet on a horse.

Be Kind to Other Players

Some casino games are only playable with a group of other real-life gamblers. Poker requires more than 3 players at most online casinos, and players are allowed to play anonymously. Unfortunately, anonymity can make people say awful things to each other, but even if you never have a consequence for this behavior, it’s still wrong. Treat everyone in the chat room with respect, even if they’re rude to you. Kick people out of the game if they’re incredibly abusive.

Never Ask the Dealer for Help

The dealer isn’t there to help you make the right move. In fact, in most table games, they’re actively working against you. While it’s okay to make jokes about your rotten luck or to ask the dealer for a bit of their “magic,” at no point should you seriously ask for advice. People typically gamble with real money at an online casino, so if you ask for a recommendation and lose, the dealer may worry you’ll cause a scene. Treat the dealer similarly to the rest of the table.

Expect to Lose a Few Games

The goal of gambling is to have fun and to earn some money in the process, but unless you’re incredibly skilled or lucky, you’ll likely lose more than you win. “The House Always Wins” is a saying for a reason, the vast majority of the time, the casino will clean house. How do you think they stay in business in the first place? If you expect to win every time, you’re going to get frustrated, which could make you lose more. Plus, you’ll have more fun with a positive attitude.

Play in a Timely Matter

There’s nothing more frustrating in an online poker or blackjack game than waiting for other players to make their move. You should take the time to consider your next move, but if you’re constantly running out the clock, you’re more likely to be kicked from the game. Having a firm grasp of the rules will allow you to play quicker. Most online casinos have an option to sit out the next round, so if you need to step away from your device, be sure to click that button.