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That Sports Spice is at it again! Amy Christophers celebrates new gig

14 Feb That Sports Spice is at it again! Amy Christophers celebrates new gig

That Sports Spice is at it again, as ‘The Game Magazine’ announced Amy Christophers as their new Columnist; They made the announcement via their Instagram and twitter accounts yesterday evening.

This must have been the exciting announcement Miss Christophers was waiting to tell us, but according to her Instagram (@thatsportsspice) the blonde beauty was away on a football related trip to Lisbon, Portugal, over the weekend.

She was there to watch her boyfriends team Sporting Lisbon who she has become quite the fan of, she also jetted off at Christmas to watch them away to Belenenses, [another team in Lisbon] and was later raving on twitter about their talented young right midfielder Gelson Martinez. This time Amy was watching the team at their home stadium and was in with the clubs firms Juveleo and Directivo XXI, where she also interviewed them for local TV according to our source, who also says Amy created quite the excitement at the stadium ‘it was like they’d never seen a blonde girl before, everyone was asking her for pictures, she did really stick out from the normal crowd’. So seems our girl is going international, don’t leave us just yet though Amy!!

The Game Magazine is a bi-monthly Magazine exclusively for professional Footballers, we can read more about Amy’s trip in her first column out in their March/April issue with ex spurs player Jamie O’Hara gracing the cover.

We cannot wait!