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Tesco Borehamwood brings together local community with Chanukah Celebrations

08 Dec Tesco Borehamwood brings together local community with Chanukah Celebrations

Staff at Tesco Extra Borehamwood welcomed the local community over the weekend during a Public Lighting Ceremony which marked the 7th night of Chanukah.

Hosted alongside the Jewish Life Centre, the event which took place in the carpark of Tesco’s Borehamwood store on Saturday night featured a musical Havdalah, followed by a Menorah lighting ceremony to mark the 7th night of the Jewish celebration.

Around 100 people attend from the local area, and brought together both members of the Jewish community and many from other local communities.

Chanukah is an eight-day Jewish celebration of the incredible power of even a drop of light over darkness, which includes lighting candles each night, singing traditional songs, reciting prayers and eating foods fried in oil.

The eating of fried foods is traditional to Chanukah celebrations, and on the evening, members of the public were offered donuts to commemorate the celebration’s rich history.

Amber Andrews, Store Manager said:

“We were absolutely overwhelmed by the response to the celebrations and glad to have played a part in bringing the local community together.

“The Public Lighting Ceremony was the perfect way to finish off the Chanukah celebrations this year and it was good to see people socialising like normal!

“We’d like to thank the Jewish Life Centre for making the event possible along with all of the staff at our store for all their hard-work”.

Rabbi Hoch from the Jewish Life Centre said:

“It always warms my heart to see people from so many backgrounds celebrating Chanukah together. This is 10 years since the first Tesco lighting and here’s to the next 10!”