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Take a whimsical journey around London with Harry Miller’s Wonderground.

12 May Take a whimsical journey around London with Harry Miller’s Wonderground.

How would Queen Victoria have liked her very own Underground train line?

What happened on the Bakerloo when a rude guy with large headphones met THE MAGNIFICENT ELEPHANT (with his small brain)?

Why does Peggy, named after famous astronaut, Peggy Whitson, love to ride the futuristic Jubilee line?

And do pigeons really use the Underground?

Jam-packed with wonderful characters, cultural and factual London references, and cross-generational wit, hop onboard Wonderground to find out. A delightfully imaginative and beautifully illustrated book that contains 11 tailored rhymes for the 11 Underground lines, culminating in some tantalising Tube-Train-Trivia.

Born in London, Harry Miller is a young-at-heart, multi-skilled creative whose life has been split between the Big Smoke and rural Suffolk, where he grew up reading many enchanting titles by A.A. Milne and Roald Dahl. As well as writing, Harry is an accomplished musician, a keen traveller, and a bit of a geek.

Harry explains: “A few years ago, whilst amusing myself on a stationary train during a particularly arduous London commute, I started writing a rhyme in my head for the Bakerloo line. Being quite pleased with the result, and with ambition to tackle all the lines, I went on to spend a day travelling on every London Underground line making notes, (more tiring than productive).

It was when I was travelling around India earlier this year (2023), when I was suddenly struck with the idea of finishing the book once and for all! A month or so later I was in Thailand, using my phone to pitch an advert on a UK University notice board in search of an illustrator. I had a few responses, one of which was Stephanie Zhao, a student at UCA, and after writing up a small contract on my phone, we started working together – and how lucky I was!”

RELEASE DATE: 28/05/2024 ISBN: 9781916668911 Price: £7.99