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Students of East Anglia Eat Five Takeaways a Week

14 Mar Students of East Anglia Eat Five Takeaways a Week

STUDENTS of East Anglia are eating five takeaways and ready meals a week, spending £32.74 on processed food.

Time constraints discourage students from cooking from scratch with 67% from East Anglia admitting that ‘it takes too long’ and that they ‘don’t have the time’ to cook. The unhealthy habits don’t stop there as 62% of students also confessed that they buy food to snack on, such as crisps and chocolate. The independent survey, commissioned by the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute also revealed that households in East Anglia also consume three ready meals a week.

Lack of confidence in the kitchen plays a big role as 9% admit to not knowing how to cook fish. It also seems that convenience gets the better of East Anglia as 22% of families’ claim that they opt for ready meals since it’s quicker and easier than cooking a meal themselves.

Together with Alaska Seafood, TV-Chef Rachel Green is on a mission to help the nation eat well by creating a series of recipes that demonstrate just how easy it is to cook a healthy meal using fresh and frozen produce. Often overlooked in favour of another meat or plant based protein, seafood is hugely beneficial to a healthy diet with unrivalled levels of omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. So much so, the NHS recommends eating at least two portions of fish a week. This piece of research confirmed that in fact 89% of students in the UK don’t eat the recommended amount of fish alongside 86% of adults surveyed.

“It’s not unknown that the problem of obesity is continuously on the rise with nearly two-thirds* of the population falling into this category. We really need to be looking closely at our eating habits to understand where changes can be made,” said Alaska Seafood Campaign Ambassador, Rachel Green.