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Student Shield launches online psychological wellbeing programmes

06 Mar Student Shield launches online psychological wellbeing programmes

Student health and wellbeing platform – Student Shield – has collaborated with Nordic student psychology experts Headsted to deliver ‘Acceptance and Commitment Therapy’ (‘ACT’) to the UK student population. ‘ACT’ is a 3rd wave, next generation cognitive behavioral therapy which aims to help people learn to gain acceptance of negative emotions, feelings and thoughts, and live their lives according to what is actually important to them. The primary aim of ACT is to ‘increase psychological flexibility’, improving the overall quality of mental health.

University presents a significant life change for many students, who may find themselves living away from home for the first time, whilst balancing social, academic and financial pressures. It can be difficult, however, for students to access the support they need. Many Universities now provide their students with wellbeing support services. Student Shield aims to work with Universities across the UK to complement and add to these existing provisions, enabling students to manage their levels of health and wellbeing in an independent and proactive way.

Working with BHSF, a not for profit health and wellbeing provider with over 140 years’ experience in the sector, the Student Shield app already provides students with access to an established physical and emotional support system such as 24 hour GP service, 24 hour counselling helpline, online health assessment tool, and many other benefits.

Student Shield combines the highest standards of health and wellbeing support with modern technology to provide students with an instant, proactive, and all encompassing healthcare platform.