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The Storage Hunters Team visit Help for Heroes centre in Colchester

09 Oct The Storage Hunters Team visit Help for Heroes centre in Colchester

The Help for Heroes (H4H) Recovery Centre in Colchester recently welcomed a special guest.

Comedian Sean Kelly, star of TV’s Storage Hunters, popped into Chavasse VC House for a tour of the facilities; he even brought his co-stars Green Mile and T-Money.

Sean, who was in the army himself, is currently on a stand-up tour of the UK.

The audience are encouraged to bring in items for auction after the show and all proceeds are being donated to H4H.

Sean talked candidly about why he chose to support the charity during his recent visit to Heroes Recovery Centre in Colchester:
I suffered from post-traumatic stress following my service in Iraq during the early nineties but there were no organisations like H4H at the time. My wife helped me as much as she could but I needed so much more help. I felt like I was battling it alone.”

He added “I would find myself driving along and the next thing I’d be on the side of the road crying my eyes out. I couldn’t remember how I got there. I also had nightmares which tortured me for a long time”.

Chavasse VC House, inspires, enables and supports those who are wounded, injured or sick while serving our country, encouraging them to lead active, independent and fulfilling lives, while also supporting their loved ones.