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Stephen Metcalfe MP Tours Greensted School and Speaks to their ‘Parliament’

16 Jan Stephen Metcalfe MP Tours Greensted School and Speaks to their ‘Parliament’

Stephen Metcalfe, Member of Parliament for South Basildon and East Thurrock, was taken to task by pupils at Greensted Junior School last Friday (12/01/18). Accompanied by the Head Boy and Girl (pictured) he faced a series of tough questions.

Stephen was pleased by Greensted Junior School’s Outstanding Ofsted rating in 2016 and is keen to see the ‘Excellence for All’ standard maintained as the Basildon school continues to thrive under its new Head Teacher Mr Ian Hampshire, who took up post last September.

The school’s high standards were clear to see as Stephen toured the school led by Head Boy Charlie and Head Girl Ruby. Pupils had the opportunity to ask Stephen Metcalfe what his job entails and press for local changes.

After hearing what Stephen had to say, one pupil stated that he ‘hopes Mr Metcalfe gets a nice rest as he must be tired from all of his hard work’.


Commenting, Stephen said:“It is always a pleasure to visit our local schools and see the hard work they put into learning and supporting the local community. Greensted is a truly outstanding school filled with bright enthusiastic children. It is a credit to the support from parents at home and the excellent staff here led by Mr Hampshire. It is clear that aspiring for excellence is the best expectation, Greensted proves you can aim for the top academically and have heart. This is how schools should run”.