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Speed warning banner put up outside Tendring school

18 Oct Speed warning banner put up outside Tendring school

A new warning banner has been put up outside a Great Bromley school urging drivers to reduce their speed as they pass.

The 20 is Plenty banner encourages motorists to adopt a 20mph speed as they pass St George’s Primary School, rather than the 30mph limit that currently exists.

The design for the banner was drawn up by pupil Hope Singleton as part of a competition run by the Tendring Community Safety Partnership, which involved a number of schools around the district.

Several other schools have also been supplied with a banner to display.

As a result of the campaign it is hoped the Local Highways Panel will approve official 20 is Plenty signage at schools in Tendring which have requested it.

More than 30 schools have made such a request to tackle the issue of speeding.