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SIMON PHETTER: Wren Kitchens ?? more like Hideous Kitchens

25 Mar SIMON PHETTER: Wren Kitchens ?? more like Hideous Kitchens

by Simon Phetter

After reading the completely shocking story of Chelmsford Councillor Ian Wright and how he has been robbed and left with a shambles of a kitchen by Wren Kitchens, I just cant understand why this brand which I can only refer to as Hideous Kitchens is still being allowed to trade.

With hundreds of complaints that had previously being logged for this bunch of Cowboys I just can’t understand how this so called company charges customers tens of thousands whilst leaving them out of pocket and without a serviceable kitchen, their moral obligations to their customers seems non existent whilst a recent call I placed to their customer service proved what a boiler room type shambles is being run by the company.

In Cllr Wright’s story we saw a THREE year wait to fit a kitchen, what’s going on there ?! Where’s all their brains then ?! When you look at the fact that the former owner of now defunct MFI it explains a few things about this totally shambles of a company.

In March 2016, Wren Kitchens was fined £12,000 after pleading guilty to breaking the Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 – well that’s just one small dent in a while backlog of court cases and legal disputes these cowboys and their subsidiaries have been involved in, despite various proves by BBC Watchdog the company still seems to be on its legs.

Why Hideous Kitchens aka Wren are still in business is because of the gullible and uneducated kitchen shoppers, if you want a new kitchen there are plenty of suitable alternatives but if you want a set of new headaches and broken promises well Wren is the place to go, ofcourse my advise would be to have a lawyer present in proceedings from start to finish.