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Shenfield Library to close for building work

10 Jan Shenfield Library to close for building work

Shenfield Library will be closed for three weeks, from Monday  30th January  while building works are carried out to the library.

This will allow the safe installation of replacement windows and doors.  The library will re-open to customers on Monday 20th February.

Customers will be able to use nearby Brentwood Library which will extend its opening hours on Wednesdays until 5.30pm, to give an extended service during the temporary closure.

Local library user Gerry Dunn told us ‘I personally wont be affected by this closure and its something quite exciting for the people of Shenfield as the area grows in population the library needs more resources and hopefully a face-lift to make it more exciting, I spent almost an hour in the library each day but getting down to Brentwood wont be too much of a problem for me.’

In addition, customers will be able to borrow items from Shenfield Library for a longer period than usual, to avoid any inconvenience.