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Shaken Udder To Host Music Festival for Hoof-Tapping Cows

29 Mar Shaken Udder To Host Music Festival for Hoof-Tapping Cows

New ground-breaking research into the effect of music on milk production has prompted top milkshake brand, Shaken Udder, to develop a music event specifically for sensitive livestock.

In a bid to boost milk production and help the British dairy industry thrive, Shaken Udder conducted the research ‘Milk and Moosic 2019’, teaming up with dairy farmers across the UK to study 50 herds of cows grazing near music festival sites and further afield.

The far-reaching research has revealed that dairy cows grazing near some of the UK’s top music events are producing 20% more milk during a festival weekend, and for the two weeks that followed, due to an increase in Serotonin, the happy hormone.

The study also revealed that cows grazing near Glastonbury in particular showed upwards of 25% increased milk production, with farmers suggesting it was due to the high quality of the bands appearing at the three-day event and the additional torrential rain that always falls during the weekend.

“We love music festivals and we love milk, so teaming up with these farmers to work on this study had great synergy for us,” explains Andrew Howie, co-founder of Shaken Udder milkshakes. “We never expected to discover such noticeable changes in milk production due to music, but the evidence is clear, cows love music festivals as much as humans do.

“The research also revealed that the majority of the cows surveyed (65%) preferred to be milked to classical music, whilst the younger females (49%) found hip hop and R&B particularly mood-boosting,” adds Howie.

Shaken Udder is now working with farmers in Devon to create a brand new music festival aimed specifically at livestock. The proposed event, ‘Cow Beastival’, will be open to farmers across the South West who want to bring their animals to listen to some tunes and hopefully increase their milk production. “We felt farmers were missing a trick. This festival is all about helping the productivity of our dairy industry and giving cows something to look forward to each year. Of course, farmers will also have the chance to let their hair down whilst their cows tap their hooves. It’s a win- win all round,” adds Howie.

For more information on ‘Cow Beastival’ and Shaken Udder and to read the full research visit