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Serial Entrepreneur Gordon McAlpine’s New Book On The Way

24 Jan Serial Entrepreneur Gordon McAlpine’s New Book On The Way

Britain is now a nation of start-ups, but only 1% of these businesses ever exceed £7.5 million in annual sales. Despite the speed of technological change, fewer than 4% of start-ups have ten or more employees after their first decade. So what is holding British businesses back?

Ask yourself – is your business growing as fast as it should? Have you lost sight of the end goal? Growing a multi-million pound business and being able to exit with a 7 or 8 figure sum personally is a high ambition – one that the British Government is only just waking up to, and one that Scale Up Millionaire can help you achieve.

Gordon McAlpine is a self-made, successful entrepreneur who has been there and done it. By starting up, growing and exiting a highly successful global technology company without any funding from investors or the bank, he has personally proved that the organic Scale Up of a business really is an achievable dream.

You too can buck Britain’s disappointing start-up and scale-up statistics. McAlpine here sets out clearly his proven, practical 6-Step Scale Up Process, focused on selling your products effectively, to drive your business forward. This gives you the tools and structure to enable you to scale up your entrepreneurial business successfully, without necessarily chasing external funding.

Scale Up Millionaire gives you the opportunity to sell your way to a fast growth, high value enterprise, with the potential for a life-changing exit.