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RSPCA rescue 20 PUPPIES abandoned in a crate in a layby

05 Aug RSPCA rescue 20 PUPPIES abandoned in a crate in a layby

A staggering 20 puppies were found abandoned in a crate on a layby near Fryerning, Essex, on Friday (29 July).

The puppies were all inside a crate and were found by a kind-hearted member of the public who was walking in the Blackmore area on Friday at around 3pm. The incident comes as the RSPCA launches its Cancel Out Cruelty fundraising campaign to help our frontline teams save more animals during the busy summer months.

The finder called the RSPCA and Inspector Sian Ridley and Animal Rescue Officer Enola Evans attended the call and discovered 20 small puppies shut in the metal crate.

They collected the pups and took them straight to a local vet for treatment. One of the puppies was very weak and was being kept warm by a member of the public when the officers arrived.

The female pup was handed to Enola who kept her warm and safe on the journey to the vets – but sadly the puppy was too weak and vets made the difficult decision to put her to sleep to prevent her suffering further.

The surviving pups were all small and each weighed less than a bag of sugar – there were 14 males and five females. It is believed they are from two or possibly more separate litters. Staff aren’t yet sure what breed they are but it is thought that the slightly larger pups are possibly cockapoo or poodle crosses and the smaller ones are thought to be jackapoos.

There was a concern they may have contracted parvovirus – but early indications are that they are all clear. The pups were all in reasonable health and have been given fluids with glucose over the weekend.