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RSPCA appeal for help after THIRD litter of pups with parvovirus dumped

01 Nov RSPCA appeal for help after THIRD litter of pups with parvovirus dumped

An RSPCA branch is caring for its third dumped litter of sick puppies this year after six pups were dumped in a box in a street.

The pups were taken to an emergency vet but sadly three died overnight. The remaining three are being treated for suspected parvovirus – a highly contagious and deadly virus that attacks the intestines.

RSPCA Essex South, Southend and District Branch has taken on the care of the pups and is now appealing for the public’s help in funding the vet bill which is likely to run into the thousands.

The pups, which have been named Harold, Herbert and Hazel are thought to be around eight weeks old, are a pointer type breed and there are two boys and a girl.

They were abandoned down Borwick Lane which runs off Gardiners Lane North in Crays Hill, Basildon on October 20.

A white van was seen driving off and the puppies were found running outside.

Branch manager Kathy Butler said: “It is heartbreaking that someone chose to abandon these poor puppies when they were so sick.

“Three of the pups died and we are doing all that we can to help the remaining three, one of the pups tested positive and we are keeping a close eye on the other two. We are all just hoping that they will be strong enough to pull through – but parvovirus is an horrific infection and, sadly, it can kill young, unvaccinated dogs very quickly.

“We are grateful to the finders of the puppies who caught them and took them to a local vets. The surviving three were transferred to our vets and have started anti viral treatments they need.

“This is the third litter of pups with parvo that we have taken in this year – their vet bills combined have cost thousands and thousands of pounds. Thankfully though the two litters – one of Newfoundland and another of cockapoos – all recovered following their treatment.”

Kathy added: “We’ve started a fundraiser and we know the public have been so generous to our branch this year already, but if anyone is able to help us support these pups, we would ask if you could make a donation on our fundraising page. We’re so grateful to anyone who can support us and help us help these little ones; every pound truly helps.

“Sadly we have seen a spate of abandonments of puppies recently – we had three pups dumped in a box outside our vet a couple of weeks ago and another puppy about 6 weeks old underweight with a prolapse a few days before that too.”

RSPCA inspector Ridley is investigating the incident and said: “It’s really upsetting to hear these puppies have been abandoned like a piece of rubbish and it’s even more upsetting knowing they were all so very sick.

“Anyone who saw anything suspicious in the area or has any information that could assist the RSPCA’s investigation should contact the charity’s appeal line, confidentially, on 0300 123 8018.”