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Royal expert says the Palace may push back against allegations from Harry & Meghan

06 Dec Royal expert says the Palace may push back against allegations from Harry & Meghan

THE ROYAL Family will likely hit back if there are allegations against senior members in the Netflix series Harry & Meghan, a leading royal expert has said.

Michael Cole told GB News: “The timing couldn’t be more insensitive. Thursday, of course, marks the third month after Her Majesty the Queen died.

“But commerce doesn’t wait for time or tide. It has to cash in, and Netflix has got a lot to cash in, because it’s invested some $18 million or $19 million in this pair, in their hilltop fortress in California and they’re now training their 16-inch guns on the Royal Family, people who used to be very, very close to them.

“We’ve seen the trailers,, and we want to see now whether it’s all sizzle and no sausage, because if there’s no substance there, if it’s just one long moan-a-thon, people will get very fed up with that.

“Nobody likes a whiner, but they have thrown in race, and of course race is the big no-no of the age.

“We saw how swiftly Buckingham Palace moved to cut loose Lady Susan Hussey after only 60 years of service to the crown at the weekend.

“We’ll have to see what’s in there, but it looks as if it’s bare-knuckle fighting, and the gloves are off.”

On signs that the Palace might counter the allegations, he said: “What will trigger that is if there are direct attacks on his wife Catherine, the Princess of Wales, I think that might trigger it.

“This is just a preview of what may come with the book, Spare, to be published on January the 10th.

“Now if that is very explosive, the King does have an option here.

“He can remove the title HRH, Her Royal Highness, His Royal Highness. It was done when Diana divorced immediately…that’s big medicine, that means something a great deal.

“The King does have that sanction, or maybe they will try to never explain, never respond to it. I think it would be hard for them to do that.”