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Rolle by Rolle to take part in the Britain’s Top Designer Award

14 Jan Rolle by Rolle to take part in the Britain’s Top Designer Award

While the country is still emerging out of the fog of the end of year festivities fashion businesses and creatives are preparing for next months London Fashion Week.

The fashion industry is responsible for £28billion of direct contribution to the UK economy (GDP) from the UK fashion industry, up from £26billion in 2013 (Oxford Economics, 2014). £27billion worth of womenswear (RTW) sales in the UK in 2015. This figure is predicted to grow 23% by 2020 to £32billion.

Entering this industry is another hopeful, graduated in 2017 and already entering their first award is start-up fashion label Rolle by Rolle.

We had a chat with the designer.

What motivated you to take in the competition?

Britain’s top designer competition hosted by Fashion Finest is renowned for championing, nurturing and showcasing cutting-edge fashion designers and to be featured as well as promoted within the competition would be an honor.

How did you prepare for the competition? What was the preparation like?

Whilst the preparation is ongoing I have been refining my collection to be showcased and assembling a team to facilitate the entire process overall an energetic and exciting time.

What does winning this award mean to you?

As a young British designer inspired by my direct surroundings and dedicated to making a statement and breaking the mold, winning this award would be a monumental accomplishment in these early progressive stages of Rolle by Rolle. Ultimately this recognition will contribute and consolidate that Rolle by Rolle is not just fashionable today but viable, intriguing and inspiring enough for tomorrow.

What three traits define you?

I believe Rolle by Rolle is a direct extension of myself and would also extend the three traits, which define myself to my design approach: complex, conscious and rebellious!

How is the fashion industry evolving?

Whilst this may be considered a competitive and saturated market I believe there is another level of consciousness among the mass population and feel that it is the evolution of the individual that will drive the direction of the fashion industry in these modern times. The fashion industry has always been ever evolving and will continue to follow suit in generations to come however sustainability, ethical design and the integration between fashion and technology have irreversibly transformed the fashion industry which opens up the floor to a new wave of innovation

What are the biggest challenges in your career?

As a fashion designer, I believe we face many challenges particularly as it requires a life-changing level of consistency within such a fast-paced marketplace. Having the ability to design and the general knowledge and understanding of how business works is key, however, the logistics of the process, those initial steps to take and the order in which to do so is ultimately the biggest challenge; its almost a spiders web, the to-do lists of all to-do lists and when you break down all the components it is a constant pursuit from there on.

What can we expect from you/your brand throughout the rest of 2018?

You can expect to see great things from Rolle by Rolle, with such a strong foundation of which to build upon, our AW18 RTW collection will be released, in addition to the unveiling of who we are visually as well as our placement in top retailers and growing presence within the industry.

Where does your inspiration come from?

At times it’s ineffable and I do not know where my inspiration comes from but as a creator, the root of my inspiration is always dissected and all findings are further refined and then executed from 2D to 3D with conviction.

How did you get into being a fashion designer?

As a young self-taught designer and visionary from East London. Having left school at 16 with grades, which exceeded expectations I always had a strong passion to succeed within a creative industry. Very early on In my career, I embarked on modeling and as time went on I began thinking about clothing, design, and style in a completely different way. Over time I realised I wanted to create statement pieces and cool designs instead of working behind the lens.

What drives you?

I’m driven by discovery and passion to contribute to the level of creativity in the world in which we live in, in addition to those who aspire to and have achieved great things, both innovators and entrepreneurs.

How has your personal life influenced your career?

Coming from a family of professionals in various other industries has influenced my career development greatly, I’m extremely proud of my heritage which if nothing else has shown me that anything is possible with hard work and determination.

What was your greatest success in the past few years?

Gaining a holistic view of the industry and teaching myself to pattern cut, sew and design cohesively all skills developed further whilst studying my fashion design Ba from which I graduated in 2017.

Do you have a Muse you wish you could see wearing your designs?

There are so many great influences but I have openly expressed from the beginning of my journey that Rihanna has been my muse and that the day she wears a Rolle by Rolle piece will be the day I would have truly lived!

Do you have a story you are particularly fond of, from the early years of your career?

In my adolescent years, a time of refinement, learning and great influence my mum said ‘find something that I love doing, that costs nothing’ this statement remains fixated within my mind as it is from that time that I began to teach myself how to illustrate from videos and books I began to sketch and build a catalogue of illustrations which gradually went from amateur drawings to something more and more developed over time.

What are your plans for the future?

I have long-term goals of creating an overall dominating presence, a sustainable fashion brand and business reaching a global market, receiving International recognition and in industry accolades and accreditations, awards and recognition for her works. I appreciate world domination may seem extreme but the goal is to explore everything and to remain limitless in my exploration