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Roding Valley High School students thank teachers for unwavering support during global pandemic

20 May Roding Valley High School students thank teachers for unwavering support during global pandemic

Today, students at Roding Valley High School are showing appreciation for the school’s teaching staff in celebration of the national ‘Thank a Teacher’ day; giving students the chance to share ways that the teachers have gone above and beyond with support and guiding them through this uncertain time.

Ria, a Year 7 student at Roding Valley High School, said: “When the school first closed, I was worried about how we would continue to learn from home. Looking back, there was no need to worry; all of the teachers have been in regular contact with me and my classmates, checking in on our progress and reassuring us that we’re doing the right thing. If we ever have a question or need extra support, the teachers are quick to respond and are always willing to run through tasks and talk through any feedback.”

To offer students additional support, Roding Valley High School created a 27-page home learning booklet, which has proved to be a particularly useful tool; helping students to build routine and structure into their daily lives, as well as giving extra-curricular tasks and puzzles, and recommending a number of learning resources across a variety of different subjects.

Athina, a Year 8 student, said: “It’s very comforting to know that teachers are on hand to help and support with our learning, especially when we are not in a classroom environment. It’s with thanks to my teachers and the variety of academic and extra-curricular projects that the school has introduced, that I have been able to keep motivated and focused, and continue to feel looked after.”

Daily P.E. challenges, set and demonstrated by members of staff, have been keeping students active and entertained in between academic study. With House points on offer for the best submissions, students have been emailing in their own attempts, the best of which can be found on the school’s Twitter page.