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ROBERT WYNDHAM writes What’s Next After This General Election 

10 Jun ROBERT WYNDHAM writes What’s Next After This General Election 

by Robert Wyndham

So, it’s all over and what do we all have ?

Tories largest party, close but no cigar. Labour jubilant , but still lost. SNP, oh well, Nicola can put away her “How to speak French/German” CDs as there won’t be any more talk of indepence referendums for the foreseeable !!

Lib-Dems are also on the run and as for UKIP ! WHO ? Their leader has already gone, surely it’s only a matter of time before the party fades away as well.

Hung Parliament? May to go? DUP to the rescue? Jeremy Corbyn to become warm up act for return of prodigal Milliband??? Who knows!

Our politicians just seem to want to mouth their usual platitudes of “We want to serve the country” Well do that then.

Stop calling each other names and work together, without all the “My parties always right garbage”

With Brexit negotiations imminent, with our NHS on it’s knees, with security still to be strengthened, why can’t someone form a Government that uses the brightest and best, regardless of Party politics, and DOES serve the country, not their own vanity/greed.

I won’t be holding my breath though. What about you?