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Robert Wyndham writes: There will be winners and losers in BREXIT

10 May Robert Wyndham writes: There will be winners and losers in BREXIT

by Robert Wyndham

Since the referendum in June 2016, the UK has been plunged into uncertainty. Uncertainty covered almost every aspect of UK life; from employment, holidays, farming and passports, there have been limited answers to what leaving the EU, and post-Brexit Britain will look like.

While commentary and debate have been offered in excess, the experts have conflicting thoughts which can make it very confusing for the public to understand the positives and negatives and how their life will be impacted.

The uncertainty, however, is something that can be capitalised on by careful and decisive individuals. Within uncertainty comes opportunity and one area that is proving very fruitful is property investment. The instability of the UK has led to a depreciation of the pound; the fear has had a remarkable effect with deals falling through and quick, cheap sales offered.

So whilst most of you lock your savings away and put your lives on hold with a whole mouthful of moaning and complaints some opportunistic citizens out there are up and away making things happen and using Brexit to drive their businesses forward.

On June the 8th we have a further opportunity to lend our little input on the outcome of this whole BREXIT situation but we need to go out there and vote, I don’t care if you vote for the ‘Clinically Insane Party’, go out to the polling station and let your voice be heard!
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