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Robert Kraft’s Visit To Massage Parlor For Prostitutes To Be Forgiven

21 Mar Robert Kraft’s Visit To Massage Parlor For Prostitutes To Be Forgiven

All’s well that ends well.  The New England Patriots’ owner, Robert Kraft, has an offer on the table from Florida courts.   His ‘kinda embarrassing’ bust the the Asian Orchid Spa for soliciting prostitution, can be dropped March 28th.  A judge has ruled if he pleads, may be guilty of some wrongdoing, charges will be dropped. All criminal charges will be reduced to dust.

However, details of the plea deal do include some work for Kraft.   He cannot walk away scotch free due to press coverage. Therefore, the 6.6-billion-dollar man will have to pay a fine and do some community service.     

Conspiracy Theories on Case.

The extreme coverage of the case is hardly normal.    Usually the solicitation or paying for a prostitute’s services gets a petty fine and your faces in the newspaper.   Kraft’s elite status and recent links to Popular Hip-Hop culture has many thinking this is why he’s being posterized.  

The billionaire has been linked to people who are going against the even bigger, multi-billion dollar prison industry.   Many educated political analyst think this could have been an influencing factor on how the case was highlighted vigorously by media.

Against slanderous gossips, Kraft did not have anything to do with human trafficking.  The NFL businessman simply accepted a service for genital stimulation from a business he visited.    The women at the facility were willing participants. In many Asian cultures the prostitution profession is normal, hence there not being a need to force women to do this in America.  The earning potentials are way higher.


Why Kraft was there?

Robert Kraft went to the Asian Orchid for a massage and try out what the business said was the best infrared sauna booth available in Jupiter (Florida).    He was offered ‘digital ejaculation’ by the women working there, which he accepted.  Kraft’s said to have had two sessions in one day. It’s not clear if women used their ‘digits’ on his genitals both times or not.


Watch a video of a news report on the situation below: